anna moschovakis  — this one is capable of understanding // At some point i became (a fiction) [Sold out, pending reprint]

dual cover chapbook, z-binding; 48 pgs, covers risographed.
edition 1, run of 50.

pricing: $12 [shipping included]
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from this one is capable of understanding: 

let me draw you a diagram
        gas was cheap
there are more fires now
        than in my youth
or this is my impression
        impressions being
one way we come to know
        who we have become
through ordinary
the fires have increased
        in inverse proportion
to the smog
        or so it seems
the sunsets are beautiful
        sometimes extraordinary
in a fire
From At some point i became (a fiction):

Then this isn’t for you; do something else with your day. It’s beautiful out. The cherry blossoms are half on the ground. Find some still clinging to branches, let them fall on your hair and shoes. Close your eyes and turn your face to the sun, put your arm around your seldom-seen friend, stick your hand in the back pocket of your lover’s jeans, stroke the fuzz-headed babe strapped to your chest like a bomb. Breathe in through your nostrils, out through your mouth. Make the sound you make when you’re letting go of something. My sound is “hhhhrrrrrrrrr.” Yours is “fffftttttttt” or “cchhhhhhh” or “ahhhhhhh.”