johannes göransson and sara tuss efrik — The new quarantine

chapbook; 40 pgs, covers risographed.
edition 1, run of 50.

pricing: $12 [shipping included]
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All these swarming bodies that are trying to enter into the quarantine as if an audition were taking place in the dark: It’s hard to understand their voices except as toxins, inflammations. Inside the quarantine language— language is all about the body, and what can be done to it. There’s a buzz in the body. Perhaps the bodies are not acting like they want to destroy the quarantine after all , perhaps they are seeking protection from a riot. Perhaps they want to fill up the quarantine like I do. I fill up the quarantine with my language. I write “oink oink” on the wall. It’s an obscene language I learned from translating movies about environmental disasters. All those swarming bodies must belong to the same environment. The role they are auditioning for must be anti-death, my sister.