Molly Schaeffer — State Zap*

chapbook; 28 pages, 3 inserts
Edition 1, run of 60

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Excerpt: “Soda”
I imagined that if you built a model of something it created a heightened stability. You know, when paper becomes hinged without anything extra; little windows flick open you can turn it. So the light gets in so you can see where the light gets in. An ice cube falls from the freezer and the cat attacks. ice trails on the floor double back then give into melting or toss themselves into acquiescence, i don’t know, i think water’s probably smarter than all of us, happy to exist without toxicity in three states, nuances in-between. across the lawn, in the morning the chickens move rocks around like crushed ice, the cat watches through the window soda fountain, the movies where we don’t go any longer. i just can’t imagine having all that breath and velvet in one place. i got so into drinking soda i was ashamed but the sound of opening is cinematic. 

About the author:
Molly Schaeffer has lived in the Hudson Valley, coastal New England, and the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared in the anthology Text Means Tissue, as well as several other small press publications. A recent graduate of the Brown University MFA in poetry, she works in writing and visual art, and is a founding editor of the print journal Big Big Wednesday. She currently lives in Tacoma, WA.